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AccuPro Home Inspection Service

When looking for inspectors, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you want a comprehensive, unbiased assessment of the property from a professional who knows what to look for?

Do you want an inspector who is trained, professionally certified and experienced in multiple facets of property inspection (including construction, mold and others), providing breath of knowledge beyond the standard?

Do you want annotated digital photos that fully document the resulting property defects and concerns?

Do you want the resulting report and photos the same day of the inspection - not days later?

Do you want an inspector that will take the time to explain all the findings in understandable language and be available to answer future questions?










Why use AccuPro?

AccuPro is uniquely qualified to exceed your expectations for your next property inspection, whether it be residential or commercial, new construction or an older property, or if you have concerns about indoor air quality or environmental issues. The breath of experience and the thousands of inspections AccuPro has performed allow us to quickly size up your property, identify property defects and communicate them in an easy-to-understand manner.

In addition to standard home inspections, AccuPro is also certified to do FHA, HUD and Bank Draw Inspections; Energy Audits; ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) inspections; Environmental Property Reports; and sampling for Mold, Radon, Lead and Asbestos. We are constantly advancing our education and always do additional research when new issues come up, when customers have questions or concerns, and when newly developed building materials are being utilized. You can be assured that AccuPro Inspection Services will meet your needs both today and in the future.

About the owner and history of AccuPro

Rich Schaefer is the owner and master inspector for AccuPro Inspection Services, LLC. As a Phoenix native he has been associated with building construction issues and system maintenance requirements in the Valley of the Sun for over 45 years. In 2002 the State of Arizona had just begun regulating the Home Inspector industry in order to eliminate fraud and ensure unbiased property inspections are delivered to the public based on a Standard of Practice. At the same time, Rich wanted to leverage his years of business experience and building knowledge, his sincere desire to help others, and his love of the Phoenix area and started AccuPro Inspection Services to fill the growing need in the Phoenix area. Over time, Rich has expanded his knowledge and experience, obtaining certifications in additional areas such as commercial and environmental, and expanded his coverage to include all of Arizona, as well as neighboring states.

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Local experience

The Phoenix area, which sits at the northern edge of the Sonoran Desert, has been a proving ground for building materials and systems since man started living in this harsh climate. Over time, many of these systems were proven to not be effective, and alternatives were developed or methods were devised to extend the useful life of the original components.

As a result, many of the building materials and systems used today are unique to the Phoenix area. Rich Schaefer has been involved with Phoenix area construction since the 1960s and has seen what products and methods work, verses those that do not. This background serves him well as a property inspector and gives him an advantage over other inspectors who may not have the benefit of these years of experience.

In addition, Rich has a genuine interest in how systems work and how each component fits together; and he has a unique ability to identify defects that others may miss. He is able to explain the building structure, its related systems and components, as well as defects or concerns in plain English in a way that helps you understand and does not intimidate you with industry jargon.

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Rich Schaefer
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Experience Counts:
With over 45 years of experience in Southwest construction methods, Rich has the knowledge to thoroughly understand our unique building environment. His keen sense of observation and investigative abilities  enable him to find defects that others may overlook. He utilizes his strong people and communications skills to translate his findings into information that is meaningful for you and your specific situation.

AccuPro Inspection Services

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