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Education, certifications and associations
Tools to aid in detection
Report generation and delivery
Scheduling an inspection
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Education, certifications and associations

Rich was a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors for over 15 years, and an active member of the local AZ chapter.  As an ASHI member, Rich maintained a minimum of 30 educational credits each year and also obtained on-going education by attending local meetings and seminars for AZASHI, as well as taking advantage of seminars presented by local contractors on subjects important in the Phoenix area, such as swimming pools, manufactured homes and solar systems.

Over the years, many of AccuPro's clients required Commercial Inspections, New Build Walk-Thru Inspections and inspections associated with Indoor Air Quality. Recognizing the specialized knowledge required to perform these properly, Rich became a member of ICC (International Code Council) and became certified as a Residential Building and Electrical Inspector for New Construction Inspections (IRC) and completed additional courses in the IBC (International Building Code) for commercial inspections. Rich also joined the AmIAQ and became a Certified Residential Mold Inspector (CRMI), and has taken many courses in indoor air quality and Environmental issues.

AccuPro Inspection Services is a member of the following Associations:

ACAC (American Council for Accredited Certification   ACAC Logo
IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association)    IAQA Logo
ICC (International Code Council)    ICC Logo

SEVRAR (Southeast Valley Regional Association of Realtors) 


Rich Schaefer holds the following Certifications:

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Inspector
Arizona Certified Home Inspector #39316  Arizona BTR
Certified Property Condition Assessment (PCA) Inspector
Certified Residential Mold Inspector #8745 (CRMI)  CRMI Logo
Commercial Building Inspector #5224729 (IBC)
Residential Building Inspector #5224729 (IRC)
Residential Electrical Inspector #5224729 (IRC)

Additional course work completed:

Indoor Air Quality Investigations (EMLab P&K)
Manufactured Homes (Cavco Industries)
Pools and Spas (Paddock Corporation)
Toxic Mold Overview (EMLab P&K)

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Tools to aid in detection

Beyond the basic inspection tools a home inspector needs, such as a flashlight and ladder, AccuPro Inspection Services has many additional tools, that most other inspectors do not have to aid in detecting defects. This allows the inspector to quickly and accurately identify concerns and property defects when the need arises.

These include:

Gas & CO Detector - This device allows us to test for the presence of natural gas and carbon monoxide within the building or near gas fittings.
Low-E Window Detector - The Low-E detector is placed on dual-pane windows and allows us to confirm the presence or absence of a Low-E coating within the dual-pane window, as well as the orientation of the Low-E coating to indicate its functionality.
Moisture Meter - The moisture meter allows us to measure the presence of moisture on the surface or within the building material.
Water Pressure Gauge - A water pressure gauge allows us to measure the water pressure coming to the property.
Air-O-Cell Cassettes (additional cost) - The Air-O-Cell Cassette is a spore trap and is used in conjunction with the vacuum pump to sample spore count and other contaminants. The contents are analyzed by a laboratory, and results are reported in a certified lab report.
Vacuum Pump (additional cost) - The vacuum pump allows us to take air samples for submission to a laboratory for analysis of mold spores or indoor air contaminants.

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Report generation and delivery

We utilize the latest in computer and Internet technology to Schedule the Inspection, generate and deliver the resulting reports. Unlike many inspection companies who use a checklist or preprinted forms, we describe in full narrative detail all aspects of the property and any resulting defects or property concerns. In the case of a typical home inspection we provide a Full Inspection Report per the Arizona Standards of Professional Practice, as well as a separate Summary Inspection Report that quickly identifies those areas of concern or that need additional information. We also provide a Slideshow of the resulting digital photos, all of which are in the report--but the larger, single photo per page allows you to forward the pictures to a contractor or others for more detailed review.

In the case of a typical home inspection, we deliver the report at the end of the inspection on site--no waiting a day or more like many inspection companies have you do! We also upload the reports to a secure web site and provide access via the Internet to all interested parties.

Report is Delivered On Site The Day of the Inspection--Not That Evening or Days Later!

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Scheduling an inspection

Our Online Scheduling System allows you to schedule your inspection at any time, day or night and have the confidence of knowing you have locked in a specific day and time slot for the inspection. Alternatively, you can call our office (480) 456-8809 and speak to one of our trained office staff who can answer your questions and schedule your inspection. Our office is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon.

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Customer service

At AccuPro Inspection Services we care about YOU, our client. Whether you are a new home buyer, a tenant concerned about mold, a commercial building developer or a lending officer, we strive to provide you with information you need to make an informed decisions. We put you first and make ourselves available before, during and after the inspection to answer your questions. No time limit. We know that satisfied customers are the best way to have a successful business and AccuPro customers are among some of the most satisfied anywhere

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Many inspectors carry only the minimum $25K financial assurance bond that the state of Arizona has for home inspector liability. AccuPro Inspection Services exceeds these requirements to provide comprehensive protection and meet the needs of builders and commercial property owners.

These policies include:

$500K General Liability Policy
$1M Commercial Vehicle Policy
$500K Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance

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So what are you waiting for ...

 Home Inspection Service

We are here to serve you--to answer ALL of your questions and to give you the peace of mind of knowing as much as possible about the property, what it has to offer and what needs to be repaired. Call today!

Call (480) 456-8809 or go online to schedule your Inspection Service!

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Inspectors, Rich Schaefer - Home Inspection Service

Rich Schaefer
AccuPro Inspections

Experience Counts:
With over 45 years of experience in Southwest construction methods, Rich has the knowledge to thoroughly understand our unique building environment. His keen sense of observation and investigative abilities  enable him to find defects that others may overlook. He utilizes his strong people and communications skills to translate his findings into information that is meaningful for you and your specific situation.

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