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Mold Assessment - Level II

An IESO Level II Assessment is conducted to rule out potential sources of mold contamination when no visible suspected mold colony has been identified.  The Level II Assessment is more far-reaching in nature, requiring a full visual inspection (What We Do), as well as preparation of the room and collection of air samples from at least two locations:  one indoors and one at least ten feet outside the exterior of the home.  Additional samples are required from any additional floors (second story, basement, etc.), or where conditions are deemed to be conducive to moisture and/or mold colonization.

The Level II Assessment is conducted to the IESO standards and includes a comprehensive visual inspection of the entire building and the surrounding property for conditions conducive to mold (What We Do).  This information provides the basis for any needed repairs to eliminate the potential for future mold growth or the need to have existing mold contamination properly remediated. 

For additional information on mold contamination, refer to AccuPro's article:  "Mold:  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,"  EMLab's web site, or the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Biological Pollutants web page.

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Items inspected during a Level II Assessment:

- Grading and drainage within 10 feet of the structure
- Exterior wall coverings and all penetrations
- Decks and other attached structures
- Adjacent potential sources of water that might impact the
  exterior of the structure (e.g. water features)

- Stem wall/Foundation
- Basement
- Crawlspace
- Ventilation systems
- Penetrations
- Drainage and flashing
- Type and condition of roof covering
- Insulation
- Ventilation
- Condensation drainage
- Framing and sheathing
- Walls, ceilings, floors and floor coverings
- Carpets, rugs and fleecy furnishings
- Doors and windows
- High moisture areas - laundry, bathrooms, kitchen
- Building water pressure
- Water heater installation
- Relevant fixtures, supply and drain lines

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems
- Visible duct work
- Air handling unit (if accessible)
- Filters
- Fans

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