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Environmental Testing & Investigations

Why Choose AccuPro for Environmental?

  1. Rich is a Council-certified Residential Mold Inspector (CRMI) and a Member of IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association). Arizona does not currently require mold inspectors to be certified -- virtually anyone can conduct them, regardless of qualifications.  You may be taking a chance on what is inspected, how it is inspected and whether the inspector has the training and skill to know what he/she is looking for if the company/inspector you choose does not have this certification.
  2. We inspect and test to the IESO (Indoor Environmental Standards Organization) protocols. For a Level II Assessment, this includes a comprehensive inspection of the entire home: indoors, outdoors, attic, roof, plumbing, ventilation systems, condensation drainage, duct work, etc. for any conditions conducive to mold. We inspect all of the same areas that we do in a typical home inspection, except that we are looking exclusively for issues relating to mold. Most other companies will only look at a few areas and don't go into the attic, onto the roof or inspect all of the major areas where mold problems may originate.
  3. We are an independent inspection and testing company, so we are totally unbiased.  Inspection/testing companies that also remediate have a vested interest in finding a "problem" and often recover the cost of the inspection by charging thousands, or even tens of thousands, of dollars to remediate the problem. We charge a fair price for the service you receive with no vested interest in the outcome other than providing you with comprehensive knowledge to make informed decisions.

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Indoor Environmental Standard Organization (IESO)

IESO is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 that provides a national forum for the development and publication of consensus standards for the indoor environment to promote public health, safety and the overall quality of life.

Awareness of indoor environmental quality issues has increased dramatically over the past several years.  People of industrialized nations spend as much as 90% of their time indoors, and it is estimated that 30% to 70% of all buildings have indoor environmental quality problems. The EPA ranks indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health.

In an effort to help mitigate these issues, the IESO has established standardized procedures for inspection, sample collection methodology, documentation, chain of custody and testing of the environment and potential contaminants.  

Additional information on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), its causes and its effects on health can be found on the Environmental Protection Agency's IAQ web site.

Lab Utilized to Evaluate Samples

AccuPro Inspection Services utilizes EMLab P&K (formerly Aerotech P&K Laboratories, Inc.), one of the nations most eminent and trusted sources of testing, analysis and reporting on toxins and contaminates. EMLab is a full service indoor air quality testing facility with fully accredited (AIHA, A2LA) laboratories, specializing in the analysis of mold, bacteria, allergens and chemical testing.  The have been entrusted by the U.S. Government to perform testing for potential bioterrorism agents,  such as Anthrax.

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Inspections Offered:

IESO Mold Assessments - Level I
IESO Mold Assessments - Level II
Sampling and Clearance Testing
Allergen and Particulate Screening

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Inspectors, Rich Schaefer - Home Inspection Service

Rich Schaefer
AccuPro Inspections

Experience Counts:
With over 45 years of experience in Southwest construction methods, Rich has the knowledge to thoroughly understand our unique building environment. His keen sense of observation and investigative abilities  enable him to find defects that others may overlook. He utilizes his strong people and communications skills to translate his findings into information that is meaningful for you and your specific situation.

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