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Residential - Why Use an Inspector

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No home is without defects—even new properties.  And, purchasing a home is one of the most expensive investments most people will make in their lifetime. Knowing as much as you can about the condition of the property can minimize unpleasant surprises, costly repairs and help ensure safety. Most people today are having a home inspection completed before they purchase, or as they prepare the property for sale.

Why can't I do the inspection myself?

While it may seem to some people that a home, its structure, its systems and components are pretty simple, they are not. All of these systems and components work together and have an affect on other (in some case unrelated) systems or components.  Only someone who has been specifically trained in what to look for, where to look and the impact these systems and components have on each other over time, will be able to fully identify property defects and deferred maintenance issues. Just because someone is a contractor or has worked in a residential-related field does not mean that they are qualified or have the experience a qualified home inspector has.

The residence is newer and the sellers indicate everything is fine!

Nearly every residence has some number of construction defects whether they have been discovered or not. I frequently have the current owner tell me that, "It has always been that way," or, "We asked the builder to fix it but they never did." Eventually the homeowner accepts the construction defect as being normal, or he may not even realize that it was a construction defect in the first place. A home inspection will identify most construction defects and alert you to changes or modifications that the current home owner may have made that could compromise a system, the structure or occupant safety.

Your AccuPro home inspector is highly trained in skills unique to this profession. In addition to being fully certified for new construction, he is also specifically trained and experienced with existing buildings, substandard workmanship, and the wear and tear caused by our harsh Arizona environment. He knows exactly what to look for and where to look. Additionally, he will report on the positive aspects of the property, instilling confidence, as well as pointing out required maintenance and familiarizing you with the operation of the home's key systems.  After your inspection you will have a much better understanding of the condition of the property and the areas surrounding it.

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AccuPro offers residential inspections for your specific needs!

Buyer's Inspection
Seller's Inspection
New Construction Inspection
New Home Warranty Inspection
Maintenance and Safety Inspection

AccuPro offers a wide range of inspection services to meet your Residential property inspection needs.  Our inspections usually identify construction defects, areas of concern and/or the need for maintenance before these conditions create costly repairs or replacements.  More importantly, our inspections focus on safety issues and can identify low-cost changes or upgrades that will make the property safer and more secure for your family or tenants.  The inspection will also educate you on the operation of your residence, its primary systems and current methods or alternatives to costly maintenance.  The benefits and peace of mind you gain from these inspections will far exceed the actual cost of the inspection itself.

We also offer Environmental inspections, including mold and other indoor contaminants. Current visible conditions or statements by others regarding prior roof leaks or moisture penetration within the building may cause you concerns. But rest assured that our experience and the resulting inspection will clarify these concerns, and further testing (sampling) can confirm the presence or absence of most indoor environmental contaminants, including: mold; allergens; and Radon.

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What your AccuPro inspection includes

All AccuPro residential inspections include: A full 12-point inspection that covers the primary structure, lot placement and all major systems and components; a full narrative style report, including digital photos, and a separate summary report of just the critical findings. A typical residential property inspection takes approximately 2½ to 4 hours, and the resulting report averages 25-35 pages.

Before You Buy

Buyer's Inspection

An increasing number of potential homeowners or commercial investors are electing to have a property inspection completed prior to finalizing the purchase.  This is a very important step as it ensures that the prospective buyer is fully aware of any deficiencies or safety issues prior to finalizing the purchase contract.

New Construction Inspections

Whether it's a residential or commercial property, construction defects do occur and, more often then not, go unnoticed for years.  Often times these defects are uncovered during a future property inspection and the property owner ends up incurring the cost to have these defects repaired--often at a significant cost. Avoid this unnecessary expense and have these defects discovered and resolved during the construction process by having Phased Construction Inspections done or a Quality Control Inspection completed prior to releasing the subcontractors.

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During Property Ownership

New Home Warranty Inspection

Many new-home owners are now having their homes inspected one or two months prior to the expiration of their builder’s home warranty (usually 12 months).  This type of inspection may identify conditions that will lead to future problems.  In most cases the inspection will point out existing conditions or concerns that may be covered under the original builder’s warranty and will allow the owners to have these conditions repaired at little or no cost.

Maintenance and Safety Inspection

If you have occupied your property for a long period of time, a maintenance and safety inspection can identity conditions that may lead to problems. It will also provide you with recommend preventative maintenance measures.  Not only will this provide you with the peace-of-mind of knowing that your property is safe for yourself, tenants and others, it may also allow you to avoid costly repairs in the future.  Additionally, current building safety standard deficiencies will be identified that can be easily added or retrofitted to existing homes.

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When You are Ready to Sell

Seller's Inspection

The Sellers Inspection is completed prior to selling the property and can bring to your attention those things that a buyer’s inspector might identify.  This allows you to be proactive and take necessary measures to make needed repairs or maintenance. This puts the property in the best selling condition in order to foster a faster and more hassle-free sale.  It may also reduce the buyer’s cost as you may elect to provide a copy of the inspection to the buyers in lieu of their own inspection.

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So what are you waiting for ...

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We are here to serve you--to answer ALL of your questions and to give you the peace of mind of knowing as much as possible about the property, what it has to offer and what needs to be repaired. Call today!

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With over 45 years of experience in Southwest construction methods, Rich has the knowledge to thoroughly understand our unique building environment. His keen sense of observation and investigative abilities  enable him to find defects that others may overlook. He utilizes his strong people and communications skills to translate his findings into information that is meaningful for you and your specific situation.

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